Bright Star at MTW, Burroughs on Broadway

Very excited to be returning to Long Beach, CA—the site of last year’s one-off show with Tony Award Winner Lindsay Mendez—to play guitar for Musical Theatre West’s production of Bright Star. It was written by Steve Martin and Edie Brickell and this production promises to be another fantastic musical that I’m thrilled to be a part of. Rehearsals start next week.

Before I get started with Bright Star though, I’ve got a full week of rehearsals and shows for John Burroughs High School’s annual Burroughs on Broadway musical revue. The students at Burroughs are insanely talented and it’s always a fun challenge to learn over 50 songs from 20+ musicals in such a short time frame. Between that, Bright Star, and a couple of other exciting things to be announced, I’ve got a lot of music running through my head that I’m looking forward to playing live very soon!