Cherry Poppins!

A very busy stretch of shows, rehearsals, and travel starts tonight, when I'll be playing with Cherry Poppins, a Los Angeles burlesque/musical theatre company. The show is Harry Potter themed and is at the historic Globe Theatre in downtown LA. Very excited for this one.

Playing another short duo set with Bianca Gisselle Sunday afternoon at the Hi Hat in Highland Park. I always love playing with her, and this time promises to be an extra treat since it's part of Michelle Young's birthday show. I also haven't been to the Hi Hat before, but I used to go to the billiard hall it replaced, so I'm excited to see what they've done with the space.

A whole bunch more is in store with the John Burroughs high school show choirs, including a trip to Boston for a competition. Excited to take Powerhouse and Sound Sensations' fantastic shows on the road.

And speaking of the east coast, I just got back from playing the New York premiere concerts of music from Sam Carner and a Derek Gregor's new musical Techies. Had a blast performing with a kickass band and the super talented students of Rockford University. The songs from that show have been playing in my head all week as well.
All of that takes me into what's going to be a super busy April. More on that soon.